Sunday, February 5, 2012

HiltonHead Mug 9

Chris “the Moniker” Werst  comes by her alias honestly.   She misses nothing.    At beaches, Galleries, tourist attractions...She retains everything.  She is very proficient at finding out and remembering names of people, places and things.  She uses this to her advantage.  She will call your name and then act like she knows the time you realize she is a stranger it is too are digitally immortalized and destined to become canvas bound.   Her whereabouts is totally unknown as she does this writing...have a blog.  

This is my ninth mugshot of the ladies who took the workshop with Karin Jurick in November in beautiful Hilton Head.  Chris was a fun mug to do and a fun person to be with at the workshop.  My photo is a little shiny in spite of taking numerous photos.  I am taking a photograph/photoshop workshop for artists in Charleston this coming weekend..  I am hoping to have new and improved photo skills for my website and blog,  

My mugshot is next - I have not started yet, as I was trying to catch up on the mugshots and get another painting finished.  I am looking forward to my self-portrait.
Chris "the Moniker"
Read more about the gang at

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hilton Head Gang - Mugshot 8

Week 8 finds us looking for Nancy “The Guardian” Darling so named because of her help with rescue dogs.  She often travels with a large pack of dogs which hampers her ability to shoot but that does not prevent her from trying.  She uses the dogs to attract unsuspecting subjects then while they are being distracted...she shoots.  It is a devious but very effective plan.  I hear she and her pack will be heading up to Alaska to participate in the Iditarod...that may be a false lead...just be on the lookout...

Nancy "The Guardian"
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Learn more about the gang at

Every week I think these mugshots will go faster but I seem to labor over them.  I spent a week with these ladies so I know their personalties and I want to capture a little of their spirit.  I am learning about facial features, skin tones and hair -- these faces aren't easy!  I will post Chris tomorrow.

Monday, January 30, 2012

As a student of Karin Jurick hosted by the Sedona Art Center, we were invited to exhibit at the show in Arizona "A Sense of Place."  The shows started January 25th and will run through February 14th.  Karin was so impressed that 17 of her 20 students decided to participate in the show that she has also sent a painting to the show.  Hence, "I hang with Karin J." I sent my painting "Shiny Butt" which was posted on November 26th on this blog.   Two of the Hilton Head Gang are attending the show and will be sending back reports of all the rave reviews our paintings are sure to have!

Thanks to Regula for sharing the banner.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hilton Head Mug 7

We have reached week 7 of the search for the notorious Hilton Head Gang members.  The Hilton Head Gang is a group of elusive artists who attended Karin Jurick's workshop on Hilton Head Island. 
Roxanne “The Streak” Duke is so named because she is stealthy.  She streaks by and shoots at will and disappears before detected by unsuspecting victims.  Roxanne flies under the radar...finding a photo of her was not east...we had to scour the internet, check past files and canvas neighborhoods just to find this one.  We don’t know when the photo was taken...her look may have changed.  scrutinize everyone you see...

Roxanne "The Streak"

As I've said before, these faces are a struggle.  This is a total learning experience for me.  I need to be working on other projects but I find myself looking every week to see the next challenge.  My colors and brush strokes are sometimes off but I just endeaveor to get a likeness,  Learning, learning, learning one step at a time.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A labor of love

I worked on small paintings of my grandchildren before Christmas as a surprise for my two daughters.  I used the skills learned in Karin Jurick's Hilton Head Workshop.  I tried to capture their personalities and I think my girls were pleased with the result.
Lauren and her first horse Lena
Lauren's  little "toe headed brother Coleman
Cobin at Edisto Beach, SC

I will take plenty of pictures of our newest addition, Pressley Jane, at the beach this year to add to the family paintings.                                        

Sunday, January 8, 2012

HIlton Head Mug Shot 6

This is week 6 of the search for the elusive Hilton Head Gang members.  The Hilton Head Gang is a group of notorious artists who attended Karin Jurick's workshop on Hilton Head Island.  I will feature one member of the group each week until they are all accounted for...

Sherrie “the Kid” Hilliard known as the kid because she specializes in painting children.  She scours beaches and playgrounds looking for innocent little ones to shoot.  Parents be on the lookout for Sherrie, The Kid...she will shoot your kids then immortalize them on canvas...they may even end up in a gallery.  She drove off Hilton Head Island with enough material to keep her busy for months.  She is probably hold up in a secret hideout....painting, painting, painting...

For more information or possible clues to her whereabouts check out Sherrie’s blog:

Still learning how to paint on the gesso board which is slick.  It is a challenge for me,  The faces are also a challenge.  But, if you don't try something new you will always do the same old thing.  So, each week I am learning and growing.  Thanks to Karin Jurick's workshop and the Hilton Head Gang who have stayed in touch and are so encouraging.  Check out all of the mug shots at

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hilton Head Mug 5

Kelley “MacGrins” MacDonald is the next notorious member to be sought.  You may think her smiling face is harmless...until you see your smiling mug on one of her blogs.  She waltzes in to a room, a beach or an event, smiling and acting all “I’m your friend” and then shoots at will.  She doesn’t leave until she has captured every available smile.  When ready leave the island...Suspiciously...her little red sports car was missing...she left Hilton Head in a newly acquired Jag shouting “Girls Just Wanna Paint!”  She drove up the coast stopping along the way to visit accomplices.  She has hideouts everywhere.  Beware the smile...

To find out more about MacGrins check out her blog:


I am a little behind in my mugshots and I finally finished Kelly.  Santa was good and brought Photoshop but  I have not loaded it because I am dreaming of buying a Mac computer.  Everyone at Karin's workshop had a Mac and IPad.  I need to get Photoshop for Dummies too.   I have been working on Mug 6 - Sherrie coming soon.