Monday, January 2, 2012

Hilton Head Mug 5

Kelley “MacGrins” MacDonald is the next notorious member to be sought.  You may think her smiling face is harmless...until you see your smiling mug on one of her blogs.  She waltzes in to a room, a beach or an event, smiling and acting all “I’m your friend” and then shoots at will.  She doesn’t leave until she has captured every available smile.  When ready leave the island...Suspiciously...her little red sports car was missing...she left Hilton Head in a newly acquired Jag shouting “Girls Just Wanna Paint!”  She drove up the coast stopping along the way to visit accomplices.  She has hideouts everywhere.  Beware the smile...

To find out more about MacGrins check out her blog:


I am a little behind in my mugshots and I finally finished Kelly.  Santa was good and brought Photoshop but  I have not loaded it because I am dreaming of buying a Mac computer.  Everyone at Karin's workshop had a Mac and IPad.  I need to get Photoshop for Dummies too.   I have been working on Mug 6 - Sherrie coming soon.


  1. This is a great start, Betsy -- looks good! Congratulations on getting Photoshop; now for the Mac!

  2. Love the way you handled he eyes and the blueish-lilacy tones you used. Great first post for 2012!
    Oh, and you'll love Photoshop (ehm... and a Mac, too...).

  3. This looks great! Good luck with Photoshop. You are going to love getting a Mac.