Sunday, February 5, 2012

HiltonHead Mug 9

Chris “the Moniker” Werst  comes by her alias honestly.   She misses nothing.    At beaches, Galleries, tourist attractions...She retains everything.  She is very proficient at finding out and remembering names of people, places and things.  She uses this to her advantage.  She will call your name and then act like she knows the time you realize she is a stranger it is too are digitally immortalized and destined to become canvas bound.   Her whereabouts is totally unknown as she does this writing...have a blog.  

This is my ninth mugshot of the ladies who took the workshop with Karin Jurick in November in beautiful Hilton Head.  Chris was a fun mug to do and a fun person to be with at the workshop.  My photo is a little shiny in spite of taking numerous photos.  I am taking a photograph/photoshop workshop for artists in Charleston this coming weekend..  I am hoping to have new and improved photo skills for my website and blog,  

My mugshot is next - I have not started yet, as I was trying to catch up on the mugshots and get another painting finished.  I am looking forward to my self-portrait.
Chris "the Moniker"
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  1. I think this is your best one yet! Very nice!

    What a great workshop topic!! I would love to take something like that. Have fun and learn a lot! :-)

  2. Thanks, Linda. I am looking forward to the workshop. It is something I really need to learn.

  3. And here's Chris! Yay! You just keep getting better. I thought Chris's was hard because I never saw her not smiling. You must share some gems from your Photoshop class, especially about avoiding the wet look. I struggle with that with each painting!