Monday, December 5, 2011

Hilton Head Gang #3

The hunt continues for members of the Hilton Head gang who have disbanded and departed for different parts of the country after creating a path of notable deeds recently in Hilton Head. 

We are looking for Linda “the Joker” Popple.  Maria Hock, the lead detective, describes Linda as disarming her victims with humor and then shoots with reckless abandon.   Yes, Linda thinks she is funny...but her crimes are very serious.  Please be careful when confronting her.

You may read more about Linda "the Joker" Popple by reading her blog .

Posters are being prepared for the fourth member of the gang. 
                                                             Linda "the Joker" Popple


  1. Love this one too! I also love the editing of the storyline...very innovative. Wasn't it hard to make Linda look "mean"...she is always so happy!

  2. Betsy! Nice job on Regula and Linda! It takes me a while to find out who belongs to who's paintings! Isn't this fun?